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Date: 14th September 2018
PE WPC Composite Lubricant
PE WPC Composite lubricant Physical and chemical properties:1.Product name:PE WPC Composite lubricant2.Appearance:White powder3.HMA Maleic anhydride: 0%4.EINECS coding:203-571-65.Molecular formula:C4H2O36.CAS coding:108-31-67.Additive amount?3.8%-4%?PE WPC Composite lubricant Performance and application:1.It is suitable for PE/PP material processing.2.Well dispersity and consistency.3.Compared with general WPC PE/PP lubrication,Website:http://www.maijisen-chem.com,its processing will be more easy to controlled,better dispersity.4.Compared with general WPC PE/PP lubrication,it is sample to add;In its formula,compatilizer of Maleic anhydride is not essential.Related product:PE WPC raw materialAppearanceApplicationLE-EWhite powder or granulateSingle using,enhanced aid ,no adding compatilizerL-MWhite powderWPC PE product,need compatilizer,high strengthL-AWhite powderWPC PE product,need compatilizer,good toughnessLE-SWhite powderHigher wall thickness and higher bearing quality WPC PE product,need compatilizerProduct packaging:1.25kg/bag.2.Paper plastic bags, lined with PE film, moisture-proof.3.20Feet container :16tons~ 16.8tons; 40feet container :25tons4.One pallet can hold 40 bags, the net weight of one pallet is 1000kg. Safety precautions:1. General storage of non dangerous chemical products.2. This product is non-poisonous,non - corrosive, non - dangerous goods, transport according to non - dangerous goods operation, should prevent explosion, rain.The product is stored in a cool and ventilated place to prevent direct sunlight. The shelf life is 12 months. After passing the shelf life, the product is qualified and can be used again.Our market:Our product won a good market in China,and we also have good market in the middle east region , Asia region, and Africa region. We also are willing to extend other market,if u have relative customer, welcome to be my agent.??
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