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Date: 14th September 2018
Compatilizer For PE WPC
PE CompatilizerPE Compatilizer description:Compatilizer for PE WPC Physical and chemical properties:1. Product name:Compatilizer for PE WPC2. Appearance: translucent granules3. Melt flow rate:6g~7g/10min4. Percent grafting: 0.8-1.0?MA%5. EINECS No.:203-571-66. Molecular formula:C4H2O37. CAS No.:108-31-6Compatilizer for PE WPC Performance and application:1.Coupling agent of Macro-molecule: For wood powder,Website:http://www.maijisen-chem.com, glass fiber, talcum powder, calcium carbonate, mica, aluminum hydroxide (magnesium) and other filling polyethylene composites, Improve the compatibility and adhesion of polyethylene substrate and packing interface.Adding 5% ~ 10% can greatly improve the mechanical properties and thermal resistance of composites.2.Polarity enhancement agent: used to increase the polarity of polyethylene.Adding 10% ~ 20% can obviously improve the dyeing and paint properties of polyethylene.Related product:PE WPC raw materialAppearanceApplicationLE-DWhite powder or granulateSingle using,enhanced aid ,no adding compatilizerLE-EWhite powder or granulateSingle using,enhanced aid ,no adding compatilizerL-MWhite powderWPC PE product,need compatilizer,high strengthL-AWhite powderWPC PE product,need compatilizer,good toughnessLE-SWhite powderHigher wall thickness and higher bearing quality WPC PE product,need compatilizerProduct packaging:1.25kg/bag.2.Paper plastic bags, lined with PE film, moisture-proof.3.20Feet container :16tons~ 16.8tons; 40feet container :25tons4.One pallet can hold 40 bags, the net weight of one pallet is 1000kg.Safety precautions:1. General storage of non dangerous chemical products.2. This product is non-poisonous,non - corrosive, non - dangerous goods, transport according to non - dangerous goods operation, should prevent explosion, rain.The product is stored in a cool and ventilated place to prevent direct sunlight. The shelf life is 12 months. After passing the shelf life, the product is qualified and can be used again.RFQ:1. What is the Min. Order quantity?Our Min. Order quantity is 1000kg for each product. According to difference series product We can discuss according to the customer's requirement.2. What is your payment terms?Payment terms:100% payment by T/T or L/C before shipment.(According to different order quantity and customer country situation,we can do it differently? )3. Can we provide samples freely?Yes,We can provide 0.5kg to 1.5kg samples freely.4. Which trading terms you can accept?We can accept FOB, CIF and CFR trading terms.
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